Reflection House


Custom Duplex Homes

Shifting the suburban development model towards density and new urbanism are the core concepts in Reflection House – modern multi-family residential homes and rentals. Gardens, courtyards, and landscape screening create private spaces for the residents to retreat to their own intimate world. Large glazing walls and windows create transparency – bridging the space between interior and exterior – allowing ample light into the spaces and views. The homes are nestled into a lush landscape – surrounded by local vegetation, reflecting pools at each entrance, and a central courtyard between. Bridging the two homes is a contemporary piazza – borrowing elements and proportions from classical and traditional concepts. Screen walls break up the facade with subtle textures, allow vegetation to climb and create privacy, and disguise the garage locations. Garage locations are a through-port layout connected by the central courtyard. Plans for the homes are designed for efficiency and luxury – utilizing vaulted forms and high ceilings for the primary living spaces allows for better quality of light and comfort within the spaces. Simple forms, materials, and colors give the homes a modern minimal palette with thoughtful design qualities. A-symmetrical shifts between the plans and elevations separate the homes as individual residences while still being part of one cohesive structure.