Mixon Apts


Adaptive reUse Apartments

Building on historical foundations, the Mixon Apts take residence amongst an ever-changing urban fabric in North Charleston, SC. Often rundown, dilapidated, and even abandoned – these buildings provide an opportunity for new vision through the old and current conditions. Tight zoning requirements and site constraints outlined a challenge for bringing new life to this project through its limitations. An existing masonry structure – in a state of ruin and consisting of bare minimum walls – provides the core shell of this modern multi-family residential building. Layers of horizontal cementitious siding are revealed through the core shell emphasizing the transition of material and time. Each building is divided into resident apartment units that share common plans with openings to the exterior for private patios, balconies, and light. Landscaping and wall vegetation provide texture and privacy that connects the urban community back to the natural environment. Bold colors and graphics mark the building’s profile with a modern palette that speaks to the surrounding history and context.